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June 26, 2017

We have heartbreaking news to share today.

Our special little puppy “Thirty” had a serious setback last week. For unknown reasons, he started to have seizures. The veterinarians at AFA kept a watchful eye on him and he was placed on anti seizure medication. Despite all attempts to keep his seizures under control, last Friday June 23rd, on the sixth anniversary of Lauren’s passing, Thirty had a massive grand mal seizure that would not stop. The excruciating but merciful decision was made to not let him suffer any longer. Shelter manager Lu held him, told him his work was done and it was time for Lauren to get her first puppy. We would like to think “Thirty” is now in her loving arms.

This is one of the most heartbreaking outcomes we have had to share. With 31 animals having received the Lauren’s Wing medical care fund since 2013, only one other animal didn’t fully recover. We understand that the animals placed under our “wing” are in serious medical condition and are already at high risk, but we strongly believe it is worth the chance of being heartbroken to save their lives. It was a blessing to be able to give Thirty his second chance and a comfort to know that he was loved and cared for by our compassionate friends at Action for Animals. We thank them for their efforts and never ending supply of love they shared with Thirty this last month. It is an honor to partner with such a fine staff and shelter.

There is a blessing to this very sad story. Thirty’s two siblings, Lauren and Chance, have each found a forever home and are happy, healthy and well adjusted with new loving families.

Lauren’s Wing and her family wish to thank everyone who supports our foundation to help animals in need. Your thoughtful words and compassion have lifted our hearts in the darkest of times. We are forever grateful.

“Sometimes the smallest star in heaven,
shines the brightest for all to see on Earth.”
Kerstin Highlands 6/26/17

Earlier updates:

Third update:

Happy to tell you I have arrived safely at Action for Animals. My surprise news – I didn’t come alone. My two siblings are with me! My female sis has been named Lauren and my other sibling will be Chance. ❤️❤️❤️





Here I am resting quite comfortably after my morning surgery. My broken leg is now on the mend!
And that is not all. I have officially been named “Thirty”. Yes, it’s an unusual name but I feel pretty special about it and here is why-

Shelter Manager Lu asked Lauren’s Mom to help think of a name for me. Her response was ” I can’t think of anything at the moment, but this animal just happens to be the 30th recipient of the Lauren’s Wing Fund. This number 30 is so significant to me, for it represents an animal saved for each year that we were blessed to share our lives with Lauren here in this world.” Without hesitation Lu responded, “Then we will call him THIRTY”.

If all goes according to plan, I will be arriving at the AFA shelter sometime tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed because I may have another surprise to share… so please check back!



Coming soon…….. a photo of our newest recipient!

The Action for Animals Shelter Manager Lu received a call from a West VA shelter asking for help. A 17 week old Jack Russell mix was at their shelter with a broken leg. Not having the funds for proper care the puppy’s future looked grim. We are happy to report the puppy’s life will be saved. Lauren’s Wing will be funding his emergency surgery.

We will update and post photos as soon as they arrive! Thanks to all who support the Lauren’s Wing Fund! ❤️🐾


June 20, 2017

We just received news that the Lauren’s Wing Fund is needed to help this 17 week old German Shepherd who was hit by a truck. He suffered a broken tibia and pelvis. The shepherd will be directly transported to Ohio State University for medical care.
Lauren’s Wing is most grateful to everyone who supports our medical care fund so when emergencies occur, we are ready and prepared to help.
We will be posting updates as we receive them so please check back.

Update 1:

Hi everyone! My name is Atlas, I am the 17 week old pup that was hit by the truck. The specialist here at Ohio State University delivered very good news. My pelvis only had a slight fracture so hopefully will mend with proper rest and care. My tibia bone was another story and surgery was necessary to repair the break.
Happy to report I came out of surgery at OSU late this afternoon; I’m still in recovery. I will remain here for a few days before returning to AFA next week.

I am sending along some pictures of my transfer. Thanks AFA, Lu, Pam and staff for the special care in making sure I was safe and comfortable. ❤️I am most grateful to Lauren’s Wing contributors. Your donations made my surgery possible.

Update 2:

Glad to report that my surgery went well. The x-ray shows just how bad my leg was but now the prognosis is great! As you can see I was in great hands and loved all the special staff at Ohio State University.

At this moment, I am being safely transported back to Action for Animals with shelter manager Lu!

I would like to thank everyone who helped with my care and transport last week! Let’s not forget all those who support the Lauren’s Wing Fund to whom made this surgery possible.

Hugs and kisses to all, ❤️
Xoxo Atlas

We met Atlas today in person and were greeted with non-stop kisses! Atlas is quite the verbal boy as he spent the entire visit telling us how thankful he is to have been given a second chance.

There is more wonderful news to share. Atlas has already found a forever home. Although Atlas can’t be officially adopted until he is neutered and has his metal rods removed, he will be fostered by someone willing to provide special care and rehab. Thank you Kate and John for opening your heart and home.

So much has happened to Atlas in one week. From his traumatic beginning in West VA where his owner surrendered him with serious injuries, Atlas traveled through three states, received orthopedic surgery, a weekend in recovery, a trip back to AFA, and finally the hope of a forever home. Through it all, this amazing dog hasn’t lost his love or trust in people.

Lauren’s Wing is proud to be partnered with Action for Animals Humane Society. We are grateful we were prepared to fund Atlas’s surgery. To all of you who support the Lauren’s Wing Fund through donations, raffle ticket purchases, sharing our stories on Facebook or providing encouraging words, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Lauren’s Wing and 🐾Atlas❤️


April 2, 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended the AFA Cash Bash yesterday evening! Your generous support helped raise over $650 for the Lauren’s Wing Fund. Congratulations Holly – winner of the Spring Travel Basket.


December 30, 2016

We wish to thank the Janessa Fleming Memorial Fund and the entire Fleming Family for the generous $1,000 contribution to Lauren’s Wing – The Fund for Animal Care. We are honored you have chosen to support our mission.

The Janessa Fleming Memorial Fund was established in loving memory of Janessa (JJ) Fleming to carry on her loving and caring spirit. Janessa, a friend to all, always expressed a love for animals. With this in mind, the Janessa Fleming Memorial Fund presented Lauren’s Wing with a $1,000 donation.

It is a true blessing to have known Janessa. It is wonderful to know that her vibrant spirit lives on through the Janessa Fleming Memorial Fund. Janessa’s heart was full of love for her family, friends and animals. Her determination and energy were inspirational to witness. When she dropped by to visit one thing was for certain – there was smiles, laughter and joy. She is forever in our hearts and we hope Janessa and Lauren are smiling down from heaven every time an animal is receiving lifesaving care.

We again thank you Paula and the entire Fleming Family and extend our deepest appreciation for your friendship and support.


May 16, 2016

Lauren’s Wing-The Fund for Animal Care is excited to share in a very special event at the Shepherd’s Keeper at Kinderhook in Greensburg this Saturday from 10-6.  Shop Owners Amy and Carol are hosting an Open House to help raise funds for local Animal organizations including Lauren’s Wing. Please stop by to visit this unique one of a kind primitive country shop and help raise funds for the Animals!



March 13, 2016

Lauren’s Wing wishes to thank the Fleming Family and the Janessa Fleming Memorial Fund!

The Janessa Fleming Memorial Fund was established in loving memory of Janessa (JJ) Fleming to carry on her loving and caring spirit. Janessa, a friend to all, always expressed a love for animals. With this in mind, the Janessa Fleming Memorial Fund presented Lauren’s Wing with a $1,000 donation.

Lauren’s Wing is truly honored that The Fleming Family has chosen our fund to support. We were blessed to know this remarkable young women during her lifetime. Janessa’s vibrant spirit and enthusiasm for life was evident the moment you met her. She cherished time with family and friends and shared her many passions in life including basketball, snowboarding, painting, drawing and animals with such great energy. Janessa’s positive attitude toward life was endless and continues to be a true inspiration to all who knew and loved her. She is lovingly remembered and dearly missed.

The Lauren’s Wing Family wishes to humbly express our deepest appreciation to the Janessa Fleming Memorial Fund, Paula (Janessa’s Mom) and the entire Fleming Family for their continued generosity and support. To learn more about the Janessa Fleming Memorial Fund please visit: